December 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes

USFSS Meeting Minutes

December 8th, 2022

6pm CST

Attendance: Marie Ralf, Mandy Collins, Chelsea Murray, Anna Marmann, Janet Saxon, Brad Kassing, Nick Weis, Brandi Williamson, Jessica Pulliam, Dan Hanks, Ronald Klepadlo, and Lizzie Hill.

Public Comment (20 minutes)

Recap of IFSS history with inconsistencies of policy when it comes to changing location ect; frustrating for USFSS board members to follow.

Public Comment from Jessica Pulliam, Mandy Collins, and Anna Marmann. 

Jessica – sent an email to Janet that was distributed to the board. Biggest stance is growth of the sport and ensuring the support of involvement towards that growth. A concern that the judiciary processes of USFSS have collided with the growth of support. Proposing an initial deadline to fill slots, and should those slots go un-filled, there should be a second round opening. Was unaware that rules were in place as deadlines have not been a thing in the past. Advocating for as many people that want to be involved should be able to be involved if there are open spots. 

Mandy – agrees with Jessica. Thinks it will be a larger burden if Jessica drops out due to judiciary concerns of USFSS/if Rich is not allowed to go. Rich has been USFSS member, has supported in the past, now hard deadlines have been set unlike previous decisions.

Jessica – brought up communication and coming up with ways to create more clarity with communicating USFSS information to membership. 

Anna – provided the idea of treating team selection like we do for World Cup applications. 

Nick Weis responded to public comments as the chair of the selection committee. In 2019 USFSS followed that model and had issues. Second round applicants were upset that they were not prioritized over first round athletes they felt they were better than. He brought up how the selection committee has been accused of bias and favoritism in past selections and that the board has been trying to improve the process. 

Dan Hanks addressed public comments by providing details that there are other deadlines besides USFSS’s that we need to be conscious of. The board is open to suggestions and changes. 

Lizzie Hill commented that policy/rules need to be changed to allow late entries if there are open spots, not to make acceptions for individuals. 

The board commented that athletes have requested the earlier WCh application deadline so there is more time to plan, cheaper to book things sooner, and find more affordable options. 

Nick shared that ICF deadlines are different from IFSS deadlines. USFSS is a member of both organizations and does team selection for both. 

Treasury Report – Janet/Marie

Janet asked Marie to look into quickbooks. Janet was copied her on the process for DIDs and Memberships. 

Review of Minutes – Niina

Dan makes a motion to approve. Brandi Seconds. All in favor. 

Board member resignation and passing of duties – Nick

Nick submitted his letter of resignation. Dan makes the motion to accept his resignation. Niina seconds. All in favor. 

Nick covered the passing of duties. Brandi is vice chair of the active athlete committee. Need to discuss taking over the Selection and Accreditation Committee. Brandi will take over the Accreditation Committee. Dan will take over the Selection Committee in the short term. Will need to find someone willing to be the contact for ICF. And need to fill the chair position of the Audit Committee. 

Interested Potential Board Member Introductions

USFSS has 2 active athlete board positions open and 4 at large positions. 

Brad Kassing (active athlete), Lizzie Hill (active athlete), Anna Marmann (at large), and Rich Kisseloff (at large) expressed interest in being board members of USFSS. Each provided an overview of their interest and background. 

Niina will send an electronic ballot for the board to vote on board position applications. 

501c3 status update – Committee

Committee was formed in October has not had a chance to meet. 

2023 Winter WCh team update – Niina & Dan

Dan makes a proposal to open up a second round of selection and create an updated policy for future selections to reflect the changes made for this selection. Janet seconds. All in favor. Athletes have until December 11th at midnight to submit second round applications. Selection Committee will make a decision by midnight December 12th. 

2025 WCh update – Niina and Dan

Niina submitted an application of interest to IFSS to host Dryland WCh. 

Winter World Cup Accrediting update – Brandi

Brandi is taking this over. USFSS has allotted three winter slots to Dale Mumford (Michigan), Grand Summit (Colorado), Heal Creek (Wisconsin. 

IFSS Race Judges in US – Niina & Dan

Richard Baum, Anna Marmann, and Annie Hammond are interested in becoming IFSS race officials. Jim in Canada is willing to help train any new interested race officials. Dan received information from Jim Cunningham about the process for training judges.

Survey results for developing a strategic plan

Niina did not have time to put this together so it has been pushed back to the next meeting.

Website update – Niina

Niina will purchase the website service and launch. She will submit bill for reimbursement. 

Membership Levels – Niina

Niina brought up that we have 10 different membership levels. Wondering if USFSS could reduce. 

Niina makes a motion to reduce membership levels to active athlete, inactive athlete, racing organization/RGO, and organization/corporate, Brandi. All in favor. 

USFSS Membership refund to Rich K.

Deferring this vote to a future date to verify what Rich wants.

Continental Director’s position vacant

Anna is interested in taking this over down the road. Niina is willing to fill the position temporarily. 

Active Athlete Council Chair position transition

This is deferred to the next meeting to allow for potential new board members to express interest. 

President’s position vacant

Position is still vacant. USFSS is accepting applications for anyone interested in filling the position.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Niina. Second Brand. All in favor. 

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