National Governing Body of Sleddog Sports in the USA

The mission of USFSS is to promote, support, coordinate, and develop mushing activities in the United States, to promote and encourage the welfare of sled dog and human athletes and to foster appreciation for the traditions and history of the sport. As the national governing body of sled dog sports in the United States, USFSS is further committed to the ideals and guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee.

Getting Involved

Become a Member & Register for a DID Number

If you are interested in supporting dog powered sports on the national and international level, sign up for a USFSS Membership. If you are also interested in qualifying for World Championships you must also have a DID Number.

Accredit a World Cup Race

The US is allowed to have 10 dryland and 10 snow races accredited by IFSS (World Cup races) each racing season. Competitors with a USFSS Membership & DID Number will receive points from these races to help with qualifying for IFSS World Championships. Accreditation is free if submitted 60 days prior to the event.

Apply for Team USA

IFSS Dryland & Snow World Championships (WCh) happen every other year and rotate between different countries. Competing at WCh is the top honor within sprint mushing. Learn more about our selection process and what competing at a WCh entails.


USFSS Updates

  • March 2023 Meeting Minutes
    USFSS Meeting Minutes March 7, 2023 6pm CST Attendees: Rich Kisseloff, Brad Kassing, Laura Hayes, Brandi Williamson, Chelsea Murray, Laura, Anna Marman, Lizzie Hill, Marie Ralf, Dan Bocock, Ronald Klepadlo, Chris Speers. Public Comment (5-10 minutes) Treasury Report – Janet/Marie Marie is getting on the bank account in two weeks. And has found software toContinue reading “March 2023 Meeting Minutes”
  • December 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes
    USFSS Meeting Minutes December 8th, 2022 6pm CST Attendance: Marie Ralf, Mandy Collins, Chelsea Murray, Anna Marmann, Janet Saxon, Brad Kassing, Nick Weis, Brandi Williamson, Jessica Pulliam, Dan Hanks, Ronald Klepadlo, and Lizzie Hill. Public Comment (20 minutes) Recap of IFSS history with inconsistencies of policy when it comes to changing location ect; frustrating forContinue reading “December 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes”

Contact Us

Reach out to us with any questions you have! usfss.usa@gmail.com