December 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes

USFSS Meeting Minutes December 8th, 2022 6pm CST Attendance: Marie Ralf, Mandy Collins, Chelsea Murray, Anna Marmann, Janet Saxon, Brad Kassing, Nick Weis, Brandi Williamson, Jessica Pulliam, Dan Hanks, Ronald Klepadlo, and Lizzie Hill. Public Comment (20 minutes) Recap of IFSS history with inconsistencies of policy when it comes to changing location ect; frustrating forContinue reading “December 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes”

October 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes

USFSS Meeting Minutes October 25, 2022 6pm CST Meeting called to order at 6:05pm CST.  Attendees: Dan Hanks, Christopher Speers, Nick Weis, Brandi Williamson, Janet Saxon, Lizzie Hill, Ronald Klepadlo, Marie Ralf.  Treasurer’s Report by Janet: Memberships and DID’s are coming in right now. As of 09/30/2022 the balance is $6,041.94. Motion to approve byContinue reading “October 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes”