2023 IFSS Snow World Championships USA Team Selected

USFSS is happy to announce the team who will be representing the USA at the 2023 IFSS World Championships on snow in France.

1-Dog Women’s Skijoring (SW1)
  • Niina Baum (Registered Nordic Breed)
  • Jessica Pulliam
  • Stephani Meyer (Masters)
1-Dog Men’s Skijoring (SM1)
  • Rich Kisseloff (Masters)
1-Dog Pulka Women (PW1)
  • Jessica Pulliam
  • Stephani Meyer
1-Dog Combined Women (CW)
  • Jessica Pulliam
2-Dog Skijoring Women (SW2)
  • Jessica Pulliam
2-Dog Sled (Sp2)
  • Niina Baum
  • Mandy Collins
4-Dog Sled (Sp4)
  • Mandy Collins
4-Dog Sled Mass Start (Sp4MS)
  • Mandy Collins
6-Dog Sled (Sp6)
  • Ron Hayden
  • Mandy Collins
8-Dog Sled (Sp8)
  • Fernando Ramirez
Unlimited (SpU)
  • Egil Ellis
Team Captain
  • Niina Baum

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