United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (formerly known as Mushing USA, and the United States Sled Dog Sports Federation), traces its roots back to 1988. It was formed then in order to present representation for US mushers to the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) and the US Olympic Committee (USOC). In 2001 it was reformed under the name, Mushing USA, and then in 2013, as United States Federation of Sleddog Sports.  It was officially incorporated in 2003 in the state of Alaska and gained non-profit status in 2007. 

United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (USFSS) is involved in all dog powered sports. This includes Nome style (practiced with a dog sled), Nordic (skijoring and pulka) and dryland (canicross, scooter, bikejoring), and weight pull. Recreationalists as well as the elite of the sport are equally important. Competitive racers and weekend sled dog campers are all part of USFSS.

USFSS also solicits sponsorships for US National Championships and acts as a clearing house for information and referral. It is the selection body for sending US teams to compete in the World Championships.

USFSS Board of Directors

President (Vacant)
  • N/A
  • N/A
Treasurer: Marie Ralf
  • marie.ralff@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
Active Athlete: Brad Kassing
  • cyclistbrad@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
Active Athlete: Ronald Klepadlo
  • ronald.klepadlo@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
Active Athlete: Lizzie Hill
  • lizzievirginia@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
Vice President: Dan Hanks
  • 502dan@msn.com
  • Term: 2019-2023
Secretary: Niina Baum
  • niina_baum@yahoo.com
  • Term: 2019-2023
Active Athlete Vice Chair Brandi Williamson
  • brandi.n.mccoy@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021 – 2025
At Large Director: Laura Hayes
At Large Director: Chelsea Murray
  • chelsea.c.murray@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
At Large Director: Chris Speers
At Large Director: Rich Kisseloff
  • litespeed71@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
At Large Director: Dan Bocock
  • dan.bocock@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025
At Large Director: Anna Marmann
  • anna.marmann@gmail.com
  • Term: 2021-2025


Athlete Selection Committee: Dan Hanks, Brandi Williamson, Chris Speers, & Niina Baum

Race Accreditation Committee: Brandi Williamson, Dan Hanks, Chris Speers, & Niina Baum

Audit Committee: Chris Speers

501c3 Status Committee: Niina Baum, Marie Ralf

Fundraising Committee: