World Cup Race Accreditation

What is a World Cup Race?

A World Cup race is not the same as a World Championship Race. A World Cup race is held at the national level within the US. The US receives the ability to IFSS accredit 10 snow and 10 dryland races in the USA each season. Competitors with a USFSS Membership and a DID Number, receive points from World Cup races. These points help the competitors qualify for World Championships. USFSS also looks at existing World Cup races as potential venues for World Championships for when it is the US’s turn to be the host country.

  • No fees to accredit (must submit application before deadline to avoid fees)
  • You can use ISDRA rules if you choose
  • Race officials can be of your choosing
  • Your race will not be run any different than it is normally run
  • Promote your race as you choose
  • No drug testing required for World Cup races

How to Accredit my Race

  • Download the 2021 IFSS World Cup Application form below. Fill it out and submit to USFSS’s accreditation committee by the application deadline.
  • Winter Race Application Deadline is November 1st of each year.
  • Dryland Race Application Deadline is August 1 of each year.
  • The chair of the accreditation committee will get back to you on if your race met the qualifications and was or was not approved for accreditation.
  • Within one week after your event you must submit race results to IFSS so they can calculate points. The results format document (CUP2023-Results Format) is below.