Membership & DID Number

If you want to qualify for IFSS World Championships you will need to have a USFSS Membership and a DID Number. The DID Number is how IFSS tracks your points from World Cup races in the USA. These points are then used to rank you internationally and help you qualify for World Championships.

If you are just looking to support USFSS, influence the future of the organization, and be involved, please sign up for the appropriate membership! No DID required unless you are looking to qualify for World Championships.

USFSS Membership

Become a member of USFSS to support dog powered sports.

The USFSS is the national governing body of sleddog sports in the USA. As such it is the nationally-recognized representative to the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS).* USFSS’s annual dues to IFSS of $1,000 helps foster international development and the health and well being of the human athletes and their canine partners.

Your USFSS dues further the goals and mission of USFSS. In particular, membership and sponsorship contributions help organize World Cup races and the USFSS National Championship. They help US athletes attain their dream of being a member of Team USA and participating in the IFSS World Championships.

Contributions are also significant for training and certifying officials, i.e., race judges and doping control personnel.

Athlete DID Number

Any athlete who wants to participate in the World Cup races and earn international points or participate in the World or Continental Championships or in the Masters must have a DID.

DID’s will be allocated by IFSS to identify individual drivers for the World Cup, World or Continental Championships and the Masters. Every driver participating in an IFSS accredited race and holding a valid DID will receive IFSS World Cup points. Drivers without a valid DID may participate in accredited races but will not receive World Cup points. In the World or Continental Championships and the Masters, the DID will be obligatory to enter a driver.

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*IFSS is a member of SportAccord, the umbrella international sports organization of both Olympic and non-Olympic sports.