March 2023 Meeting Minutes

USFSS Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2023

6pm CST

Attendees: Rich Kisseloff, Brad Kassing, Laura Hayes, Brandi Williamson, Chelsea Murray, Laura, Anna Marman, Lizzie Hill, Marie Ralf, Dan Bocock, Ronald Klepadlo, Chris Speers.

Public Comment (5-10 minutes)

Treasury Report – Janet/Marie

Marie is getting on the bank account in two weeks. And has found software to use.

Review of Minutes – Niina

Motion to approve Chelsea, second Lizzie. All in favor.

Filling Committees

Brandi brought up wanting to add another person the athlete selection committee.

Fundraising Committee: Marie, Dan B (chair), Anna, Brad, Chelsea, Lizzie.

Audit Committee: Lizzie (chair), Chris.

Race Accretion Committee: Brandi (chair), Dan H, Chris, Ronald, Brad, Anna, with Lizzie as an alternate for tie breaking.

Athlete Selection Committee; Brandi, Dan H, Chris, Niina Baum, Brad (chair), Anna Marmann

Filling Continental Director Position

Motion to appoint Anna Marmann as Continental Director, Second Brandi. All in favor.

2023 Winter WCh team update – Niina & Brandi

Egil Ellis got second for the open class.

2023 Dryland WCh team selection update/process

Current process will be followed with the addition of a second selection process to fill any unfilled spots. Motion to add second selection window by Lizzie. Second by Brad. All in favor.

2025 WCh update – Niina

IFSS came back with wanting to know about additional space availability.

Website update – Niina

Website has been updated to be on WordPress.

Active Athlete Council Chair position

Brandi is currently Vice-Chair. Brandi motions to appoint Brad as the chair, second by Anna. All in favor.


Motion to appoint Lizzie Hill & Brad the ICF Liaisons by Laura, second by Chelsea. All in favor.

President’s position vacant

Discuss visibility of USFSS at the next meeting.

Social platform admins: Brad, Chelsea, Niina

Motion to adjourn Lizzie, Marie. All in favor.

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