October 2022 USFSS Meeting Minutes

USFSS Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2022

6pm CST

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm CST. 

Attendees: Dan Hanks, Christopher Speers, Nick Weis, Brandi Williamson, Janet Saxon, Lizzie Hill, Ronald Klepadlo, Marie Ralf. 

Treasurer’s Report by Janet: Memberships and DID’s are coming in right now. As of 09/30/2022 the balance is $6,041.94. Motion to approve by Nick, second by Brandi, all in favor.

Review of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes by Dan, second by Nick, all in favor. 

501c3 status update by Janet: Have gotten 3rd or 4th rejection for 501c3 status renewal. We are down to filling out a 18 page form. Janet will make one last attempt at filling out the form. Niina suggested creating a committee to handle the application. Brandi, Niina, Dan, Marie, Lizzie and Janet will be on the committee. Janet will also provide how the previous forms were filled out. 

2023 Winter WCh team update by Niina: Everyone on the team is still going except for Ron Hayden. Schedule and additional details have not been released yet by IFSS. Deadline for the Team USA gear purchase is December 18, 2022. Sally Bair made a $1,000 donation for WCh last year. But due to difficulties in team members getting to Norway there is money left over. A total of 310 euro was used of the $1000 USD that was donated on Egil’s entry and Stephani’s entry. 

2023 Dryland WCh plan discussion: Nick suggests that we start the team application process in May 1, 2023 with a deadline of June 15, 2023. We will set the goal of announcing the team June 30, 2023. There is also an ICF event next year that we can run an application for during the same period. ICF is 3 weeks prior to IFSS WCh and is in Germany. USFSS will also have application for ICF during the same time frame. 

Exception Policy for Team USA Applications: Nick wrote up a policy for late applications for Team USA. Dan suggests to table voting when the board has had enough time to review it. Feedback will be done by email by November 1st at 6pm CST, voting will be done by November 8. Second by Brandi, all in favor.

2025 WCh update: Minocqua “Almost” Winter Dryland Dog Dash was a success. It is the proposed venue for the 2024 Dryland WCh. IFSS is wanting an application soon so they can start to consider it. Dan brought up the rule about carts needing 4 wheels vs 3 wheels. USA primarily uses carts with 3 wheels. Dan asked IFSS what the process is to get an exemption for this rule and is waiting for an answer. 

Winter Race Accrediting update. Deadline is October 31, 2022. Niina will make another announcement to get applications. 

IFSS Race Judges in US. Niina suggests that we work on getting judges certified in the US during the next WCh. Dan is going to look into what the full process is for judge certification. 

Continental Director’s position is vacant: Niina said she would be potentially interested in filling the position if no one else wants it. Dan will talk with the Canadian Director to see if anyone else is interested first. 

Treasurer’s Position vacancy at the end of 2022: Janet emailed that she is ready to resign and pass the baton on at the end of the year. She is willing to train during a transition period. The position does the accounting for the club, it is currently being done in Quickbooks; preparing the quarterly reports; annual filing of the 990N to retain 501c3 status; processing DID and Membership dues; bill payments; and putting together information and payment for WCh applications. Marie said she would take on this responsibility. Nick made a motion to appoint Marie to the Treasurer position, Brandi seconds, all in favor. Brandi makes a motion to accept Janet’s resignation, Niina makes a second, all in favor. Janet will work with Marie to transition the duties over. 

President’s position vacant: Nick has talked with some individuals who may have an interest. The board will discuss this more at the next meeting with interested parties present. 

Next meeting will be Thursday, December 8 at 6pm CST. 

Niina makes a motion to adjourn the meeting, second by Brandi.

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